Mark Broumand 2.60 Ct Fancy Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring at Eyes Desire Gemstone Gold Jewelry

Mark Broumand 2.60ct Fancy Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

This is one of the most mesmerizing fancy yellow heart shaped diamond rings you will ever see! The stunning 1.60ct heart shaped diamond set in the center is GIA certified at Fancy Yellow SI2. It has a deep, rich fancy yellow color and it is perfectly eye clean! The cut is what makes this gorgeous diamond unique. It has a perfect heart shape and the faceting is outstanding! It has a depth percentage of 40% which is very rare to find in a heart shaped diamond and it gives you the look of a two carat diamond! It sparkles tremendously! The custom-made platinum setting features a halo of round diamonds and a row of round diamonds set down the shank in a micropave setting. It is dainty, beautiful and showcases the center diamond perfectly! The custom-made 18k yellow gold center basket is hand engraved throughout with round diamonds studded on the connectors as well. This piece is truly mesmerizing from every angle. You will cherish it forever!


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