Gorgeous Pink Pearl Bracelet

HinsonGayle AAA GEM 6.5-7mm Naturally Pink Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet (14K White Gold)
HinsonGayle AAA GEM 6.5-7mm Naturally Pink Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet (14K White Gold) Price: $296.00  


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This gorgeous pink pearl bracelet is composed of luxurious 100% solid nacre genuine cultured pearls. The pearls are perfectly matched by size and color, meticulously hand knotted on fine Japanese thread, and finished with a 14K white gold fish-hook safety clasp. The naturally pink colors exhibit lavender to peach pink overtones. Each bracelet is unique with strand colors varying slightly. At 6.5-7.0 millimeters, these are the smallest in our GEM Collection. Bracelet is approximately 7.5 inches


Naturally pink pearl perfection. Gem Collection pearls have an amazingly smooth surface, exceptional luster, 100% natural pink color and hints of rare orient. HinsonGayle grading requirements are so strict that only 1 in 5,000 genuine cultured freshwater pearls makes the cut for this acclaimed collection of meticulously handpicked and matched fine pearl bracelets.

HinsonGayle’s simply stunning GEM Collection ultra-premium pearl bracelets are crafted from the highest quality cultured freshwater pearls available in the world. We meticulously hand select and match the pearls for each strand from literally 10,000s of undrilled earring quality pearls, the rarest and most beautiful freshwater pearls available. The pearls have exceptionally smooth surfaces, gorgeous natural body color, mirror-like luster, and hints of the rarest of pearl value characteristics known as surface iridescence or orient. The pearls were selected for their enchanting naturally pink colors that exhibit lovely lavender to peach pink overtones. As naturally pink pearls, their uniquely beautiful color developed naturally in the shell as they were cultivated; they have not been dyed and their natural pink color is solid and permanent. Unlike Akoya saltwater pearls, our premium freshwater pearls are 100% solid nacre pearls and do not have a shell bead inside them; in other words, their nearly perfectly round shapes formed naturally in the shell without the assistance of an inserted bead. HinsonGayle’s handpicked GEM Collection pearls represent the cr?me de la cr?me of the cultured pearl harvest and rival the highest quality Akoya and South Sea saltwater pearls. HinsonGayle’s quality specifications are so strict that only 1 in 5,000 genuine cultured pearls makes the cut for these acclaimed GEM Collection pearl strands. The pearls are individually hand knotted on fine Japanese thread and the bracelet is finished with a premium handpolished 14K white gold double-safety clasp. At 6.5-7.0 millimeters in diameter, these pearls are the smallest size available in our GEM Collection line of handpicked genuine cultured pearl strands.  

Accessorize this bracelet with our gorgeous GEM Collection necklace and earring set (design FS1PK065-W18), necklace only (design FN1PK065-W18), or stud earrings only (design FE1PK065-W).

HinsonGayle is a Designer Member of the Cultured Pearl Association of America. We passionately create the most fashion-forward designs with impeccable craftsmanship at exceptional prices. Our gorgeous jewelry is handcrafted from rare and premium pearls meticulously selected in pearl farming regions. As a small business that cares about our customers, HinsonGayle consistently receives top marks for customer service. If you have an order issue, we promise to make it right.

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